Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Hills Are Alive

Big news of the TV season was the return Mondfay night on MTV of The Hills but without star Lauren Conrad.
Everybody over the age of 25 must be asking "What the hell is the Hills?"
Well, it's the reality epic on MTV which is so watched by preteens and teens that these same viewers ignore such fictional fare as This Beautiful Life and even Gossip Girl.
The Hills is for voyeurs of the young in heart. Every week teens pine over theantics of a bunch of twentysomething living loving and laughing in modern day L.A.
Lauren Conrad as herself played a high school grad who was soon adviser to a top fashion designer and lived in a million dollar mansion with two best buds.
Lauren's penchant for bad boy lovers was documented in absorbing detail. But Conrad who became herself a millionaire off the show which supposedly does not have a script got bored with playing herself and left.
This season she's been replaced by an old adversary from her previous reality series Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari. Where Lauren was sweet and demure, Kris seems foul mouthed and sexually aufacious.
Is this going to go over with its predominantly teen audience. I'm thinking no way.
Girls don't like to see themselves portrayed as sexual predators. I just get the feeling this season is it for The Hills.
With puppy love gone, the formula has been stretched too much., that's it.

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