Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mad About Mad Men

It's the best drama series on North American TV.
That's why I'e been deluged with beefs as Canadians rant about their inability to access this brilliant show.
The drama is on AMC Sunday nights at 10 but this U.S. channel is an additional service you must pay for. That is if your cable company deigns to offer it.
A friend in Hamilton who lives beyond the mighty Hamilton mountain says his service COGECO isn't offering it so he has to beg buddies on the mountain who get ROGERS to tape it for him.
Another constant reader says she's a pensioner and can't afford additional costs.
She wants to know why CTV dumped the show meaning she can't even watch reruns on Bravo!, a sister CTV station.
My answer: CTV says it was to save money but no other Canadian service seems willing to pick it up.
And here's the latest news from L.A.: based on this season's sensational first three episodes AMC has renewed MM for a fourth season. Also MM has just garnered 16 Emmy nominations.
And still many Canadians can't get it.

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