Monday, April 11, 2016

Game Of Homes Back For Season Two

"You're supposed to be a TV critic from way back when," snapped my best friend and neighbor.
"Yet every time I drop in you are not watching PBS or TVO.
"Instead it's Flip Or Flop or Love It Or List It. Or Masters Of Flip."
So here's where I confess to an addiction for TV real estate shows.
I think it started because here I am stuck in a house that's been in my family since 1912. I can't legally move (it's too complicated to explain).
So I like watching other people searching for a new house I know I can never have.
Last season there was another fave to add to my list: Game Of Homes which is a clever riff on a certain long running TV serial.
The series stars those ubiquitous Brit comedic duo  Colin And Justin whose repartee often slays me.
I'm guessing they have permanently moved to Canada because they're always co-starring in yet another new housing series.
I know the first year  comes from the west coast because it features such popular Vancouver real estate agents as Todd Talbot and Jillian Harris.
And it's made by Great Pacific Media.
But the second season is Toronto centric with four new teams of home renovators who must turn dilapidated houses into luxurious dream homes.
I had the chance to chat up host Dave Salmoni on the phone and see some clips and I'm already hooked.
These renovation series slay me --upstart couples start bickering with each other and then with the experts who supposedly help them.
I'm never sure how much of the banter is made up for TV but actually I couldn't care less. I have to call my handyman just to get a light bulb replaced --I'm that helpless.
Salmoni assures me that a wide net was thrown to get these contestants and says nothing is rehearsed.
Some couples invariably begin fighting with each other.
I'm not sure what gets these people to demonstrate their skills or lack thereof  on TV. But in today's world aren't we all supposed to be famous for like 10 minutes.
I'm a big fan of Salmoni's wildlife TV shows. But he assures me no crocs or anacondas will be intruding into this shoot.
And he says he has an idea for his next nature TV epic --it will be all about cats and dogs just for an complete turn in direction.
Yet, how about getting some oxen in there to get those walls torn down in record time?
In this one no animals were hurt during production.
But how about bruised egos of the participants?
I like Salmoni's TV presence, he's bound to be a soothing effect.
And I just know I'll be watching the Second Season to chuckle at all the impending disasters I'll never face.
Because I can't sell my house.