Monday, February 15, 2010

Y'All Watch Swamp Loggers, Hear?

You can't spend every waking moment watching the Vancouver Olympics can you?
Well, how about something very, very different, the latest reality epic titled Swamp Loggers?
Look, we have reality shows about practically every occupation these days. So why not one about a bunch of North Carolina loggers working in a swamp?
It's actually quite funny --almost as good as Dog The Bounty Hunter which is at my apex of reality situations.
Them thar guys speak such heavily fractured Southerner style that frequently the subtitles come up.
And I know you're going to wonder about watching a bunch of trees being felled in a swamp. Is this any way for an adult viewer to spend his/her TV time?
The show is compulsively watchable is all I can say. It's already up and running on U.S. TV where it has edged past a new drama series Caprica starring Eric Stoltz. The reason is we get to know what makes these loggers tick. And deep in the swamps there are gators lurking.
Star of the show is family man logger Bobby Goodson and his gang of he men including son Justin.
"It's all about rhythm," explains Justin as another tree is felled. Working in rhythm the gang can fell 20 truckfulls of logs a day but if they aren't acting in unison then all hell breaks firth.
There's that freak snowstorm that damaged the rhythm for days afterwards. The price of oil goes sky high meaning Bobby's business is in jeopardy and then comes word the mill is shutting down at the end of the week.
Swamp Loggers runs four weeks and it's pretty good, a welcome antidote to all the Olympics on the other channels.

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