Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Great Olympic Ratings

Day 4 of the Olympics saw 7.1 million Canadians watch as Alexandre Bilodeau got his Gold Medal.
CTV says the Olympic Consortium attracted 4.5 million viewers during its daytime broadcast and 5.3 million during prime time hours.
When it's all added up CTV says "80 per cent of all people in English Canada and 71 per cent of Francophones in Quebec experienced the Games".
Sportsnet broke its own ratings record as 1.9 million viewers watched Jeremy Witherspoon's, Men's 500 Long Track Speed Skating race. On TSN the number one watched event was the Canada/Switzerland women's hockey match.
My only complaint: CTV should stop trying to rev up the proceedings with its mantra about winning gold. That sort of conduct belittles the achievements of every Canadian participant.
And if there's one on-air celebrity driving me crazy it's Lisa LaFlamme.
The guy who seems most tickled to be there is veteran CBC hsand turner CTVer Brian Williams. At the last Olympics CBC had him in a booth in Toronto to save money. Now he's on site and just happy to be there.

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