Wednesday, April 8, 2009

All The News About CBC

Let's get real about the supposed slashing of jobs at the CBC. 
Sure, 800 positions must go to cover anticipated budget short falls but a CBC mole has just told me internal figures suggest as many as 780 people qualify for lush early retirement because they have hit the magical 85 figure. 
That means their age plus the number of years worked at CBC must equal 85.
Perhaps a few of them won't want to depart but others are said to be ready and eager to desert the ship. I've just been told about one producer who hasn't really produced anything in years but still hangs on. 
I knew her years ago and she always joked she remained because of the CBC cafeteria. But the CBC cafe was closed years ago so what's her excuse these days?
I do know as many as 12 positions are being slashed from the Communications Department which now farms out most of its publicity assignments to outside free;ancers.
Only a few straglers are left in the Royal Canadian Air Faerce department --that comedy series has closed for good leaving a lot of dressmakers and wi
And one point about the CBC's supposedly fabulous $1 billion  annual subsidy. Turns ot according to my CBC sources that amounts to $34 a year per Canadian --Or just $3 a month far below the subsidies BBC receives in the United Kingdom. 
And on that CBC must sustain nesides CBC-TV: Radio Canada,, Newsworld, Radios One, Two, Three, RDI. Premiere Chaine French and English in 5 time zones and eight aboriginal languages plus foreign journalist bureaux. 
The result is one of the lowest resourced public broadcasters in the world. I rest my case.

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