Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hit And Miss: 2012's Best TV Series?

I'm about to alter my opinion that Homeland is the best TV series for the 2012 season.
You see I've just previewed the first two episodes of the British smash Hit And Miss.
And I was blown away by its courage.
The first hour long episode premieres on Super Channel Monday night at 9.
Chloe Sevigny who once reigned supreme as the darling of idie film makers stars as a contract killer who stylishly goes around in her hoodie knocking off the guys she's paid to kill.
After the first killing Sevigny as Mia returns to her barren loft and strips and we instantly notice a fake penis swinging between her legs.
That's because Mia is a transsexual, a man who kills to get enough dough to undergo the next stage of sexual change.
Sevigny as cold blooded assassin is tops --she rarely shows emotion even when accepting bulky cash payments for her latest killing.
We see her shoot a victim in a car park and just to make sure when he drops she shoots another round into his back --a clear case of over kill.
We also see her stalking a family man, waiting patiently while he bids his kids goodbye as they trot off to school --and then she enters and calmly slots his throat (gun fire might disturb the neighbors).
"You're like a machine" her boss grudgingly tells her and again there's no response until she opens a letter from an ex-girlfriend who says she's expiring from cancer and Mia as a man sired a son who now needs her.
So Sevigny has a challenge: she's a woman playing a man who is slowly turning into a woman.
The six part series was created by Paul Abbott  (State Of Play) and written by Sean Conway and directed by Hettie MacDonald and Sheree Folkson for Britain's Sky Television.
It's the British network's first attempt at scripted Drama but there's uncertainty whether additional episodes will be ordered.
Executive producer Nicola Sheridan said a transsexual actor was considered but the network wanted Sevigny who instantly agreed but wanted to research her part and feared any adverse reaction from transsexuals.
Filmed in Manchester, the episodes challenge viewers at every turn. Because Mia does meet up with her former family and attempts to help the children who have mixed feelings about her sexuality.
The children are wonderfully played by Karla Crome, Roma Christensen and Reece Noi as her step children and Jorden Bennie as her son Ryan. Also impressive: Peter Wright as her portly mob boss Eddie.
Accepting Sevigny as a former man is a tough stretch because she's so right as the female assassin --look at the way she beats up a burly lout who steps in her way right down to standing on his hand and crunching his knuckles.
And three cheers to Super Channel for finding this gem that is tough and uncompromising. Mia is a completely convincing character who knows how to kill but remains unsure how to love.
MY RATING: ****.

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