Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony, TV Star!

And the biggest summertime TV star according to the ratings is --Casey Anthony!
Dubbed "tot mom" by TV pundit Nancy Grace, the accused murderer (who was judged innocent by a jury of her peers) has dominated the American TV ratings for the past month.
Nancy Grace's relatively obscure HLN show jumped a whopping 86 per cent in the ratings to the day of the verdict when viewership hit an astounding 982,000.
Could it ever happen like this in Canada?
Well,no because we don't even get Court TV anymore.
And all of our juicy murder trials are convened behind closed doors --open to print reporters but not to TV scribes.
The whole Anthony trial resembled a circus with Grace and her competitors stationed on the lawn outside the Orlando.
Of course I watched like millions of others as GRace and her experts panelists weighed in on every piece of evidence.
Yes, it reminded me an awful lot of O.J. Simpson. I'm pretty convinced lawyers for both sides played to the TV cameras.
There was a near riot every morning as gawking spectators rushed the courtroom for the few remaining chairs.
And as HLN's rating swelled MSNBC and even the evening anchors got involved. Even Anderson Cooper started dishing the dirt.
But this was a rather obscure murder trial until hyped by Grace.
Why were we all watching so intentl?
Was Anthony so plainly guilty? Well, she was a congenital liar and she did behave poorly after her daughter went missing.
Tabloid TV --that's the present state of TV news. There are all these additional news channels and not enough news to keep viewers tuned in unless anchors resort to exploitation.
After watching for hours I'm none the wiser.
Little Callie died and nobody has yet been named as the killer.
In a word I feel I've been "had". This whole experience makes me believe cameras should be permanently barred from all U.S. courtrooms as they already are in Canada.
And remember Larry King's huge ratings dive bombed after the O.J. Simpson trial.

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