Tuesday, June 16, 2009

An Earlier Nightline?

Remember folks you read it here second! I'm referring to the disclosure in The New York Times by Bill Carter that NABC is seriously considering moving Nightline to 10 p,m. if its crop of new late prime dramas fail to make it.
The story really got started when NBC decided to abandon its 10 p.m. slot to a new Jay Leno talk show weeknights at 10 instead of its expensive slate of drama series that were failing anyway.
So if NBC can do it why not ABC?
ABC has an ambitious slate of new shows ready to roll in the fall weeknights at 10 including Eastwick and The Forgotten.
But if these tank why not try Nightline? It would be as cheap to make as the new Leno outing. And it would go directly against CNN's semipopular Anderson Cooper newscast.
The Times also points out the traditional 6:30 newscast is shrinking in ratings with an aging population.
Every time I watch Katie Couric I note the number of ads for Viagra-type drugs. The time could come when a 10 p.m. newcast might attract more viewers.
Don't forget ABC has already has success with 10 p.m. current affairs shows like 20/20 and Primetime Live. So news at 10 for ABC could be a possibility ABC although not this season with expensive filmed dramas already ordered up.
And can I add there's already a 10 p.m. national network newscast. It's on CBC and Peter Mansbridge nightly struggles against those popular 10 p.m. procedurals imported by rival CTV.
Some CBC veterans have been huffing for years CBC's National would get more viewers at 11 up against CTV's LLoyd Robertson.

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