Monday, March 1, 2010

Leno! Again!

Nine months ago we bid a fond farewell to Jay Leno as host of NBC's Tonight Show.
Then we welcomed him onboard as host of the new prime time The Jay Leno Show.
Then about a month ago we said goodbye to The Jay Leno Show.
And on Monday night we're saying welcome back to Leno as Tonight Show host.
It sure as hell is.
But NBC sources say all this hasn't impeded Leno's ability to outreach Letterman in terms of quality guests.
Monday at 11 p.m. on NBC and A Channels Jamie Foxx, Brad Paisley and Olympics star Lindsay Vonn are on tap.
On Tuesday it's Sarah Palin and Olympian Shaun White with some warbling from Adam Lamnert.
On Wednesday the cast of Jersey Shore appear plus comic Chelsea Handler,Olympic champeen Apolo Anton Ohno and a turn from Avril Lavigne.
Thursday's guests include Mattjhew McConaughey, Brett Favre and Lifehouse.
Fridays guests include Morgan Freeman, Jason Reitman, and Robin Thicke.
The second week sees such guests as Sim,on Cowell, Kristen Stewart, Ben Harper, Dana Carvey and Judd Apatow.
There had been some concern some guests might boycott Leno until Conan returned. But showbiz types always have some product to promote and exposure on Tonight is still essential to that end.

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