Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eat St. Returns For A Third Season

I'm full and I haven't eaten anything in hours.
It's previewing the first new episode of the fun series Eat. St. which has done it for me.
The Canadian made eatery show always leaves me feeling satiated --and then some.
I've been avoiding shows recently on Food Network Canada because they make me feel hungry.
With Eat St. it's exactly the opposite.
Not that I'd consume any of the food proffered up in the first new show of the season. I'm already on a diet you see.
Eat St. looks at the curb-side revolution in cookery across the world but it's wholly appropriate that Toronto is the jump off point for this season --Paperny Entertainment is a Vancouver-based company, you see.
There are 16 new half hours and looks at 60 eateries including an hour long salute to British street eats.
First stop is the food truck for Caplansky's which revs up Jewish classics into confections that are definitely fattening just to look at.
Zane Caplansky is the maker of this Jewish soul food and all of it from his food truck which exists independently of the restaurant. And there are even comments from Toronto Star foodist Jennifer Bain about the wonderful eats.
Like the WZE Sandwich with grilled kosher-style salami, schmaltz-laced chopped liver and Russian honey mustard.
You'll ascend to smoke meat heaven if you ever try that combo.
At Los Angeles' Lake Street Creamery, also in a truck,  we see how the Don Draper special is made --it has a distinct bourbon taste.
There are flavors based on donuts would you believe it, another with Earl Grey tea flavoring side walk customers rave over.
In Nashville it's time to sample Yayo's OMG.
"People in Nashville are really excited by food trucks" the mayor assures us.
Gourdoughs in Austin, Texas has a monster donut injected with jalapeno jelly and topped with cream cheese and Canadian bacon.
At around this time as the preview DVD unspooled I suddenly felt completely full. In fact I reached for some handy dinner mints.
Every half hour is the same wild food ride. Host James Cunningham also does the comedy clubs and it shows. It surely helps that he also has a cast iron stomach.
I just feel simply watching this foodathon has caused me to put on weight.

MY RATING: ***1/2.


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