Wednesday, August 5, 2009

CBC's UnCanadian Fall Schedule

Let's see, it was at least 15 years ago that CBC announced with appropriate fanfare its corporate decision for an all-Canadian TV schedule.
Banned were American series one cought already get on incoming U.S. stations. In were dozens of new CBC series including such late night features as small independent Canadian features.
And now?
Well, CBC's fall schedule for late afternoon and early evenings includes reruns of Ghost Whisperer daily at 5 p.m. followed by CBC's regional newscasts.
Then at 6:30 comes the popular British import Coronation Street. At 7 it's Wheel Of Fortune. At 7:30 comes Jeopardy with Alex Trebek.
This is a Canadian schedule?
Meanwhile over at CBC's main competitors there's CTV's Canadian show E! with Ben Mulroney plus Global has Entertainment Tonight's Canadian entry.
In ratings terms it makes sense. Ghost Whisperer will deliver a big audience to the regional telecasts . The question remains if it's the kind of fare the publically funded network should be offering young children and adolescents at that early hour.
And the three imports starting at 6:30 will bring in a lot of much needed revenue much needed in these economically dire times.
At one time CBC used to make special programs for youngsters to run off in these time slots --shows like the Beachcombers and Danger Bay and Rainbow Country.
But CBC is experiencing chronic budget shortfalls.Now is not a good time for creative Canadian TV producers.

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