Friday, June 10, 2016

Rogers:More Americam Series

Rogers TV has announced a 2016 fall TV schedule full of American imports but low on quality homegrown scripted series.
But is this really news?
Basically the three Canadian networks hustle down to Hollywood in early June and buy virtually all the returning and new U.S. series.
These series are then simulcast with the U.S. networks and any spaces left in the schedules fall to the Canadian entries.
City has a huge block of American returning shows including Scorpion, 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family, Mom, Black-ish, Brooklyn, Hell's Kitchen, New Girl, The Middle and The Mindy Project.
CTV is so mighty it can grab any U..S. series it wants.
Then Global jumps in and finally it's Citytv's turn --meaning Citytv often gets the break out shows as CTV prefers to play ultra safe.
New shows to City include The Odd Couple, Lethal Weapon, Son Of Zorn with such titles as Shots Fired, The Mick and Making History coming on in midseason.
There are no Canadian shows scripted or otherwise I can see until Saturday night rolls around and then it's Hockey Night In Canada yanked from CBC.
Don't forget an hour of Canadian content counts as 90 minutes in the weird world of CRTC calculations.
And then there are the Blue Jays which run on Rogers sports channels to surging ratings.
That huge chunk of Canadian sports must be paid for and that huge expense not only means big profits from Rogers it also means there's no room left for Canadian drama or quality at this time.
The old Citytv did have a proud tradition of making quality home grown scripted dramas including Godiva's and Murdoch Mysteries which has found a new home on CBC.

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