Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The New Season Really Stinks!

Please tell me why has this new TV season turned out to be the worst ever?
I've been at a few industry gigs in the past few weeks and nobody was talking about any of the new network shows.
Instead people were talking about Boardwalk Empire if they were talking about anything new.
Or people were trying to guess how the best ever season of Mad Men would end. And Mad Men is hardly a new show. And it's not on any standard network but AMC, a relatively new entrant in the series wars.
So what happened?
Well, for one thing the new product was really, really dumb. As in stupid. As in predictable. As in I've seen it all before.
I really enjoyed the reboot of CBS's Hawaii Five-0 and I hope it succeeds but I don't plan my evenings around catching the next new episode.
Nikita was sexy in an old fashioned way --I much preferred the first TV version with Peta Wilson.
And the more the watch of No Ordinary People the more I can see it has the makings of a sturdy hit.
But the one show that all the critics (except me) thought would morph into a cult classic got canned after just two episodes.'
Yes, I'm referring to Lone Star.
Last year Glee took off and became must-see TV and so to a lesser degree did Modern Family.
But this year there was what? Outlaws stank and got creamed by Blue Bloods.
My Generation couldn't get me involved. And it is also gone.
The Event is not going to be the next Lost. Trust me.
And the profusion of law and order shows is just strange. The only one I really like is Law & Order: Los Angeles, a careful retinkering of a decades old formula that works well in a new environment.
A lot of people simple stuck with the old standards. If they weren't watching the cable networks.
A couple of times I found myself tuning to Dancing With The Stars.
Now that'sd true desperation!

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