Monday, October 18, 2010

Has Mad Men Finally Gone Mad?

The Mad Men blogs were going crazy all week.
On one site we were told that perhaps little Sally would be a suicide. Gasp!
On another there was the prediction that Roger had run out of excuses and would surely kill himself.
And then on came season 4's grand finale.
My first impression: this it it?
On season 4 Don dodged a continuing series of career and life pitfalls.
He set up a new agency only to learn the FBI were onto him and may have learned that he had assumed a dead man's identity.
Daughter Sally ran away in one episode and masturbated to a TV episode in another while ex-wife Betty spirlled into continuing depression.
The finale had Don take up with his comley French Canadian secretary after she took care of the kids in a strange California visit.
She's as dopey and dependent as Betty but why does Don always fall for bimbos when there's Peggy at the office who in the episode's only good news lands a new $250,000 account.
Oh, Roger is fine, Betty is moving to a new home with Henry, and Joan has a baby bump.
This is it? This is all there is?
I was expecting much more. How about you?
And season 5 won't be on until next August. Sigh.

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