Friday, October 29, 2010

TV's Blah Season

Everywhere I go people are complaining about TV's blah season. They say they're deserting the old line networks in favor of new shows on cable.
Everyone seems to be watching and enjoying the best new series Boardwalk Empire which runs up here on HBO Canada.
New network shows generating buzz are few and far between. But one (female) viewer says she's back to watching series on Friday now that CBS has plopped Blue Bloods on the schedule.
The CBS gamble moving The Big Bang Theory to Thursdays at 8 (CTV simulcasts it) has worked. CBS's Thursday night ratings are up but Fox's ratings are way down overall this seasons.
Fox's House is way off, 17 per cent down from last season. The reason I'm sure: it is certainly NOT an 8 p.m. show and it's also an old show. we've seen everything in the way of boorish behavior from Hugh Laurie's eccentric character.
Fox's two big new shows, Raising Hope and Running Wild are starching at 48 and 64 in the ratings meaning they'll probably wind up as one season wonders.
And at Fox there' should be real concern over the declining numbers for American Idol. Don't forget Sim Cowell won't be back next year.
Bloomberg News is reporting Fox is down 17 per cent among its most loyal fan base-- viewers in the "young adult" category.
Initial ratings for a whole lot of shows are lower than expected because younger viewers tend to watch them later on their DVDs.
When DVD viewing is factored in Modern Family becomes the highest rated show among 18-49ers. That's according to Hollywood Reporter.
Similarly low rated The Event with Jason Ritter on NBC becomes NBC's best new series of the season when DVD Viewing is factored in.
But "must see" new series? I can't think of any network offerings off hand, can you?

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