Monday, August 2, 2010

Yet Another New Canadian Network Debuts!

Actually three new TV cable channels are revving up in Canada.
On Monday August 2 it's time to welcome Discovery World HD.
On August 30 comes Investigation Discovery (ID).
And On September 27 it's time for Discovery Science.
There's a free preview of Discovery World from August 2 to September 1.
Discovery World HD will be 100 % high definition programming and avasilable in a million Canadian TV homes.The preview copy I received of Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman is a new cosmos series.
First up is the mighty question of whether science and religion are in conflict at all.
Or maybe there has been a Good at work all through earth's existence.
We meet the world's leading physicists including one Malibu surfer dude looking for the complete mathematical formula that would certify God exists.
The theme is platful not weighty but fully explained in purely scientific terms.
The visuals presented here are strong and stunning. Scientists interviewed tend not to believe earth was a cosmic accident but are searching for complex clues a God exists.
As a scientific illiterate I appreciated the broad sweep as well as the precise answers by mathematicians one of whom thinks earth is a vast sort of playstation controlled by superior forces.
Discovery World is a rebrand of Discovery HD while Investigation Discovery is replacing Court TV which I never watched.
And Discovery Science will replace Discovery Civilization in September.

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