Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Darling I Am Growing Older

So here I am watching DVD previews of the fall U.S. TV season and getting that uncomfortable feeling I've seen it all before.
And I have.
The "new" TV stars of 2010-11 include 62-years young Tom Selleck, Michael Chiklis,
One of CBS's hoped for new hits is --gulp --Hawaii 5-0.
And jo wonder.
That wonderful must-read site reports the average age of the American TV network viuewer is inching ever upwards.
The average age of an ABC fan is 51, 49 years for NBC, 44 years for Fox and --get this --for CBS it's not up to 55.
A decade ago the numbers were 43 years (ABC), 45 years (NBC), 52 years (CBS), and at Fox it was a mere 35 years.
Dancing with The stars' audience averaged out at 57 years while NCIS with Mark Harmon hit 57 and The Good Wife hit 58.
Even Glee clocks in at 38 years which is just plain weird
Ca the big old line network plot in younger shows.
They've tried and these pahtetic attempt to be with it quickly tanked.
Remember Fox had the greatest high school series of them all in Freaks and Geeks and it lasted one season.
Teens and twentysomethings have long preferred cable fare. But now I'm hearing many have abandoned TVvfare altogether for what's out there on the web.
And these statistics should be about the same in Canada since every U.S. prime time series gets a Canadian TV network berth these days.

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