Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Watches The Emmy Awards?

So there I was on the set of The Colbys in 1984 interviewing the greatish Barbara Stanwyck who did not want to be interviewed.
I mentioned the Emmy award she'd won for her first series The Barbara Stanwyck Show and she snapped back: "Who the hell cares? The Emmys are worth squat diddley."
And she was right --she'd earned her first (of three) Emmys after her series got cancelled.
That's how I feel about the Emmy Awards which are up and running Sunday night at 8 on CTV and ABC.
So who should win the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy? Well, it should be CBS's ground breaking new series The Good Wife because it is seen by so many millions more viewers than such boutique shows as Breaking Bad, Mad Men, True Blood and Dexter.
The fact only one network series made the cut shows the Emmys are currently run by dilettantes.
Breaking Bad or Mad Men will probably win but don't get me wrong. I weatch and enjoy both of them.
Best comedy series should be the wildly hysterical Big Bang Theory from CBS. Again I base my verdict on the huge numbers watching compared to the competition.
But it isn't even nominated. Will somebody explain why?
Modern Family is right up there, too, so I guess it can win and it is funny.
For best actor Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) seems set to repeat his success but how about Matthew Fox in the vastly more popular Lost which has just ended its wildly successful run.
Hugh Laurie has been doing his schtick too long by now and Jon Hamm is just a little bit off his game these days if you ask me.
Julianna Margulies should get the best dramatic actress nod but don't count Glenn Close (Damages) out. Kyra Sedgwick and Mariska Hargitay were better in earlier years-- so there.
Best Comedy Series just has to go to the magnificently gifted Jim Parsons of Big Bang Theory but Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) could win and I wouldn't holler much. And why dies Tony Shalhoub keep getting nominated --his show had been on a downward spiral for years.
Outstanding Comedy Series Actress may be Jane Lynch of Glee. But I still say Glee is only half as good a high school series as the fantastic Freeks And Geeks.
Anyhow "only" 27 categories get revealed --there have already been gigantic parties last week for the other winners.
And by Monday morning we'll all have forgotten all about this mish-mash of awards and platitudes. Right?

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