Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Rob Ford Did Kimmel

Whatever possessed Toronto mayor Rob Ford to make a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel?
The appearance was a near disaster for Ford who is gearing up for a tough re-election campaign in October.
Even Kimmel seemed initially surprised Ford had shown up.
"Why are you here," he asked Ford."What good could come of this?Have you ever seen the show."
Kimmel said Ford was dressed like a magician. And Ford seemed to think he'd only be lobbed softball questions. Instead Kimmel was often stinging in his rebukes and the very nervous mayor sweated up such a storm Kimmel had to take some tissues and mop Ford's brow.
Kimmel always had the upper hand particularly when he got Ford to stand and explain embarrassing video after video.
However "the" video of crack smoking was not seen.
Ford couldn't match Kimmel in wisecracks and sometimes that smile on his red face seemed very much forced.
I'm not sure what viewers outside Toronto would have made by all this --does anybody else care.
But I feel Ford made a really bad call by his clownish appearance. Kimmel was well researched and basically kept coming up with every single time the mayor has been caught on camera drunk or stoned.
What did Ford expect? He wasn't well prepared and kept mumbling about all the money he's saved Toromto which Kimmel said was highly disputed.
When Kimmel ended by pleading with Ford to get help you could have hard a pin drop.
Instead Ford said he didn't need help and kept grinning and smiling. He should have admitted he has a problem and said he welcomed the opportunity to make life changing decisions.
Ford had been asked to change for the better and declined. And the interview ended on a tense, sour note.
I don't think Anderson Cooper or Peter Mansbridge could have done a better job of carving up a guy who is all hot air.
Anybody who watched has got to feel Ford is certainly his own worst enemy. In terms of  politics Ford made a disastrous decision. He'd bound to suffer politically from his buffoonish appearance.
Jimmy Kimmel was laughing at Ford the politician  --he wasn't laughing with him.

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