Monday, March 10, 2014

Strombo's Departure: First Of Many

Why did it take CBC so long to bounce the invariably low rated George Stromboulopoulos from the schedule?
George debuted on CBC late nights with an hour that never went anywhere in the ratings.
Then he was bounced to early evenings and ratings were even lower.
And then Strombo became the first victim of what CBC sources are saying will be a mass exodus of talent.
It's somewhat ironical that Strombo now emerges as the new host of Saturday's Hockey Night In Canada which will stay running on CBC even though content is now controlled by Rogers.
Hey, I've always liked his style. Maybe he was too smart to be a TV talk show host.
And Rogers also gets to keep the gadzillions in profits --some $400 million last season --that fueled much of CBC-TV's prime time schedule.
"It's going to be a really shrunken schedule for next season," one CBC veteran producer told me.
Already I'm hearing one veteran star has told CBC that next season will be his last and then he wants out completely.
Many of CBC's scripted series may have to be cancelled unless CBC can find some way of getting back that $400 million.
Having a federal government that never took a shine to public broadcasting doesn't help matters.
CBC executives have already been promising to protect news and current affairs in the next level of budget cuts. But what else will be left?
Incidentally there'll also be NHL hockey Sunday nights on City stations.
What this does to Rogers already fragile commitment to scripted Canadian content shows is still unclear.
Remember when CTV would pack its schedule with World Championship ice skating and then decline to back any Canadian made dramatic shows?
Who'll be the next CBC star to be bounced because the till is bare?
I have a list given to me but I'm just not sure how accurate it is.
Stay tuned.
And if you don't like hockey what else can I tell you?
There's always Netflix which has no Canadian content regulations.

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