Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CBS To Drop Six Series

Black Tuesday is the description of life Tuesday at CBS's Black Rock Manhattan headquarters.
CBS has axed six series to make way for new product.
Finally CBS has let go The New Adventures Of Old Christine which never became a popular hit despite the presence of Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
Remember ABC has promised in the past to grab the under performing sitcom should it ever become available.
Also getting pink slipped: The fine Jay Mohr comedyu Gary Unmarried never got the ratings it deserbed.
But CBS surprised idustry watchers by axing Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ghost Whisperer which days ago seemed about to be picked up once more.
Cold Case was canned because it is an old series after seven seasons and too expensive to justify considering dwindling ratings.
Two freshman series also bit the dust Accidentally On Purpose and Miami Medical.
CBS sources acknowledge the web's series are getting older and soon those CSI franchises will have to be axed.
And this near record cancellation number means the network can order some fresh half season replacements on the theory one or two might actually work out.
At the same time CBS has renewed Rules Of Engagement and --very surprisingly --Medium.

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