Saturday, May 15, 2010

ABC For Fall

Question: So what happened to Heroes? In its first season it averaged 14.5 million viewers a week. Then on Feb. 6 when the last episode aired the figure was a pathetic 4.4 million.
Answer: it was on NBC.
NBC has had this habit in recent years of ruining perfectly
great hits. Look how ABC nurtured Lost and compare it to the messy way NBC tampered with a winning formula.
When NBC announces its lineup Monday to advertisers it may include a movie wrapping everything up.
Too bad. This one started out so strongly. Meeting some of the actors up in Toronto for the fall CTV launch was one highlight for me.
'Now it's gone.
Here's what I've learned about ABC's fall TV pick ups.
First of all Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice will be returning. And Desperate Housewives Dana Delaney may defect to a new procedural drama Body Of Proof. I think. Reports are conflicting.
Another new one is called Map to star Enrique Murciano from Without A Trace about a medical team on a tropical island.
The comedy Happy Endings has been snapped up. David Chase is the writer. Stars include Elisha Cuthbert, Zachary Knighton, Adam Pally and Eliza Coupe and it's about a couple who break up at the altar.
Mr. Shunshine stars Matthew Perry (who also co-wrote it) as a sports stadium manager about to celebrate his 40th birthday. The pilot also had Allison Janney and Thomas Schlamme was the director. Others in the cast: Andrea Anders, James Lesure, Portia Doubleday.
Better Together looks at two couples in relationships very different from each other and stars JoAnna Garcia, Jennifer Finnigan, Josh Cooke and Jake Lacy.
Three dramas are also rumored to have passed through pilot stage with flying colors: Detroit 187, The While Truth and Generation Y.
But there are conflicting stories about the fate of the Debra Messing pilot Wright vs. wrong. Some sources say it still has a chance although it's not on the official ABC list.

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