Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lost Girl Finally Back for Season 4

One of the big successes of Canadian TV is the quirky sci fi opus Lost Girl which has returned for Season 4.
For a Canadian drama to last that long is amazing and yet LG gets very little press coverage compared to the equally amazing Murdoch Mysteries.
Why the continual thumbs down from critics?
Because sci fi is supposed to be bullet proof where criticism is concerned --that's what I'm guessing.
Or maybe it's because its very audience wouldn't dare read a TV critic like yours truly in the first place.
I was busy fighting off the flu when LG actually returned last week.
I'm always a bit confused when I tune in a preview for this home grown effort.
What I've noticed from the get go is that LG doesn't look at all Canadian.
Meaning sets, photography and stunts are all excellent. The pacing of the first new episode was tightly edited and star Ksenia Solo looked loverly in her party girl outfit.
Well cast as Kenzi  Solo shone in the early moments as she demonstrated that she's not at all human --she did this by conjuring up fireworks from her hands --see what I mean by special special effects?
When Dyson took Kenzi home we saw her tattered clubhouse which was emblazened with tongs tossed all over the place.
I never felt any sense of danger among the particpants. Partly this is due to Solo's way with a sarcastic crack or two. In fact right off the top she quips "This is so Raiders."
Every situation was played out for chuckles not terror. Even the appearance of George Takei as a gigantic snake was , well, humorous.
I can't believe it's been more than a decade since I first interviewed Kris Holden-Reid  (Dyson) on the set of that long forgotten Canadian soap Riverdale.
I probably did the first print interview with him --today he commands presence as a reliable series lead.
If there was a real star in the first new episode it had to be Mark Ahee who is the special effects cooordinator. If not him then production designer  Ian Brooks or even cinematographer Craig Wright.
Made in Toronto by Prodigy Pictures and just as popular abroad Lost Girl shows what sells Canadian TV series product is simply this: quality.
More please!

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MikeAdamson said...

Of course Anna Silk plays lead heroine Bo rather than Kenzie. It's a fun show.