Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Legendary Motorcar Debuts On BNN

A classy new Canadian reality TV series is all set to debut Thursday Sept. 19 at 9 p.m.
It's an extremely well made show following respected classic car collector Peter Klutt around as he hunts down and bring back to past glory some of the greatest automobiles in history.
So what channel would you expect to see Legendary Motorcar?
On OLN perhaps? Nope!
Well, what about Slice? No again!
Give up? It's on the formerly staid financial new channel BNN.
And do you know what? It really fits right in as BNN makes a seismic shift from foxating on stock markets to actually exploring how supremely businesses work.
In Klutt's case he has almost 30 years invested in a company that is respected and still growing.
"When you say classic cars that's a very wide band," Klutt tells me on the phone. "We try to appeal to people on a wide variety of cars. It can be a classic car one family has to have  and that will be their only buy.
"And then there's the case of a buyer who has no limit and must have the 1955 Aston Martin profiled in our third episode and here we're talking over $3 million."
For some reason I got a preview copy of the Aston Martin episode which will be the third episode of the series.
First impressions? The series avoids the phony cliff hangers which infect the American competition.
And as far as facilities go Klutt's is far more impressive with a long history of accomplishment.
The episode revs up as Klutt lands in Oklahoma to chat up a wealthy collector who has a whole high rise filled with classic cars.
For some reason he may want o sell his 1956 Aston Martin which has only had two owners and seems in mint condition.
"It's the right time," says the enigmatic owner who acquired it in 1991. It's up to Klutt to fully win him over to the idea of selling it.
We then get a full history of the marvellous car including vintage photos and footage and a complete check over that indicates all parts are mechanically and  aesthetically sequential. The original numbers match everywhere and outside of a few dents. the car is in mint shape.
Taking a drive is a real treat --for this armchair viewer.
I'm not going to mention the actual price--you have to watch the half hour to assess the astronomical amount demanded --and received.
But "the deal" is something else and must be negotiated after a grudge ping pong tournament. Guess who's the winner?
Other cars to be featured: a vintage Packard, a Ford Mustang Boss 302, a 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL.
I know I'm already hooked and as far as I'm concerned Legendary Motorcar fits snugly into BNN's business oriented mandate.
MY RATING: ***1/2

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