Monday, July 15, 2013

Suits Back For Third Season

So there I was at a fancy dress dinner and all the lawyers present wanted to know when Suits was coming back for its third season.
Well, now I know--Suits returns Wednesday July 17 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.
I've been watching this one from the beginning and I'm hooked on this stylish, sometimes brilliant look at Manhattan lawyers.
The show is actually filmed in Toronto although you'd never know it although I did spot a Beck taxi in the background in one scene shot out on Bay street.
First of all what impresses me about Suits is its look -- courtesy of production designer Tamara Deverell and director of photography Daniel Stoloff.
Suits doesn't look at all like a cable series --the photography gleams and the sets are as lavish as any on TV.
Of course I don't tune in for the sets. It's the smartness of the dialogue and the well chosen cast headed by Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.
As the story opens it's just two days from the end of Season 2.
Mike  (Adams) is struggling through a nightmare because mentor Harvey  (Macht) now seems to hate him and wants him to leave the firm.
Suits has always seemed to me a bromance between Mike and Harvey and to see them at continual odds for the first episode at least is , well, different.
I guess I'm allowed to say both Rachel  (Meghan Markle) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) have continuing problems with Mike who is being advised to quit the firm.
But the highlight for me was the weird and wacky comedic journey of Louis who must even battle to retain his bran bars in the new corporate set up. Just listening to Louis (Rick Hoffman) complain about the firm refusing to supply him with Uniballs made the episode for me.
Also Louis and Donna get the best lines:
Donna: "Wait, is this the story from the breakfast club?"
Louis: "Im not familiar with that group."
On Suits everything has changed but everything seems the same.
First of all there's been a merger with a British firm as Jessica (Gina Torres) takes on a new partnership and essentially passes over Harvey.
But Mike now has a steady and ongoing relationship with Rachel  --remember at the end of Season two he told her the dark secret he really isn't a Harvard graduate.
I think the series is now at high water mark --the actors now know their characters and know how to say that unique crackling dialogue (scripted by creator Aaron Korsh).
And Suits is that rarity --a summer series that would be great any time of the year.
MY RATING: ****.

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