Monday, December 3, 2012

A New Wave of Canadian Spin-Offs?

Are we in line for a new wave of Canadian TV spin-offs?
Veteran TV scribe Bill Brioux thinks so --read his always fascinating TV blog TV Feeds My family for his take on the proposed "new" series The Amazing Race Canada.
As Brioux points out Bachelor Canada hardly did sensational ratings.
And there have been other notable flops along the way including Deal Or No Deal Canada, Who Wants To e A Canadian Millionaire.
And what about Canadian Idol which hasn't been seen since its mighty ratings crash in 2008?
Well, I have new for everybody. Canadian networks are hot to trot after the next big Canadian sequel.
What about How I Met Your French Canadian Mother?
I swear it's on CTV's drawing table and, of course, Neil Patrick Harris would be around to introduce the first episode.
Then there's CSI: Hamilton as the undercover squad digs deep into the sleazy underbelly of Canada's Steel City.
The deal here is all the stars must be from Hamilton.
Which means the starry cast will include Wendy Crewson, Martin Short in a rare dramatic outing, Stoney Creek's Paul Popowich and Burlington's Michael Riley.
I'm also informed of the bid to revive West Wing and this time give it an Ottawa spin.
Turns out President Martin Sheen is determined to annex Canada to get all that dirty Alberta crude needed to keep the American economy afloat.
To do so he needs the help of the veteran Governor General played by Gordon Pinsent as the former Member of Parliament Quentin Durgens..
And together they alert the head of Alberta's Wild Rose party played by Dave Broadfoot who insists Alberta should be the one annexing both Canada and the U.S.
Should make a dandy mini-series, I believe.
SUNTV is already to completely switch over to FOX TV's heady mixture of sensationalism and Tea Party philosophizing with the new show Dancing with the Politicians Canada.
In the pilot PM Stephen Harper does a mean fox trot hoping to stay ahead of Justin Trudeau's latest rant against all Alberta MPs.
A Canadian version of Gossip Girl would be set at Branksome Hall and co-star Justin Bieber as a dumb but sexy teaching assistant who lures the gal students downtown to Holt Renfrew's in hope of turning their pretty little heads.
The Walking Dead has been updated to Canada and looks at the curious non-dead creatures roaming the halls of Parliament Hill.
They're otherwise known as the remnants of the once proud Liberal party.
And in New Girl In Town, Sudbury Shania Twain returns to her roots as a country star fearing her real parents may have been American gold prospectors who struck it poor in the gold rush of the Sixties.
But it's a repositioned Mad Men, Canada that seems to have the most potential.
In this take on Canada in the Fifties John Diefenbaker, played by Donald Sutherland, faces down John Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis only to be thwarted by lusty German groupie Gerda Munsinger played by Canada's
I can hardly wait.

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