Monday, October 29, 2012

Anderson Cooper: Latest Afternoon TV Casualty

Anderson Cooper better hold on tight to his night job as senior anchor of CNN News
His pleasantly inconsequential afternoon chatter show titled simply Anderson just didn't make it.
The news has been dribbling out that  the syndication arm of Warner Brothers studio has declined to order a third season and the show is slated to die in the summer of 2013.
Many of the  U.S. stations that pick up Cooper have been quietly shopping around for a replacement because of continuing disappointing ratings.
The Warners unit's terse statement includes the promise "We will continue to deliver top-quality shows throughout the summer."
In truth Cooper's attempt to become the next Oprah never had much of a chance.
Anderson giggled his way through the programs but the inconsequential nature of the show was rather off putting. On Friday he devoted most of the hour to a look at Halloween costumes.
There are simply too many bland American talk shows out there these days.
Katie Couric is so far mired in bad ratings, she has yet to find her niche.
Ricki Lake's return to talk is equally dire.
I'm thinking the era of these kind of shows may be over. Viewers want something more than aimless chatter.
Right now the health series hosted by Dr. Oz seems to be the wave of the future.
Warners says it invested heavily in a new set but since when did a new set attract viewers.
One of the big losers is CTV which competitively bid for Canadian rights to Cooper only to see the show sink like a stone.
We all met Cooper when he came to the CTV launch last year. He seemed smaller in person and was super nice.
His CNN series is also slipping in ratings. I figure U.S. viewers suspect CNN was less than critical in covering the Obama presidency.
CTV could always try a Canadian talk show in the afternoon instead of importing an American one. But that would be too expensive I'm figuring.
It was Kelly Ripa who said last August that Cooper was her number one choice to be her new co-anchor.
I'm thinking maybe he should have jumped ship at that time.
Cooper is out covering Hurricane Sandy for CNN so at least he's still got a night job.

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