Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CBS Must Be Doing Something Right

CBS long lauded as the Tiffany of the U.S. networks must be doing something right.
Or is the current ratings ascendancy the result of its competitors doing everything wrong?
Consider the stats: the network increased viewers by one per cent this season to an average of 11.7 million prime time viewers an hour .
OK, I won't mention that in decades past Beverly Hillbillies was attracting 60 million viewers a week.
And I know one CBS star of one CBS sitcom back then whose show got cancelled with a 27 share of the market --it lost three share points from its lead in.
So everything is relative. Wednesday's Upfront meeting in Manhattan showcased many series back for yet another season.
And not to worry --all of them will be bought for hefty prices by Canadian networks and then simulcast on blacked out American channels.
In today's vastly competitive market CBS is only adding three new hour dramas and one new situation comedy.
CSI: Miami has gone to reruns but the original CSI plus one spinoff CSI: New York are still there.
Big news at CBS series will be its modern day version of Sherlock Holmes titled Elementary starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu to run Thursdays at 10.
Dennis Quaid makes his TV series debut in Vegas all about legendary sheriff  Ralph Lamb --Vegas is a title that's been around the block a few times. Michael Chilkis from the Shield co-stars.
The third new drama, Made In Jersey, looks at a working class lawyer trying to fit into a stuffy Manhattan law office.
CBS says it will move its new hit Two Broke Girls from 8.30 to 9 on Mondays and the rapidly aging Two And A Half Men moves to Thursdays at 8:30.
CBS says it definitely plans on keeping The Good wife on Sundays at 9 where it slipped a bit in the ratings.
And there'll be two midseason replacements: Golden Boy about New York city's youngest police commissioner and a sitcom Friend Me about two buds who relocate from Indiana to Los Angeles.
Industry naysayers feel CBS may be coasting with two many old series on the schedule which could start bleeding viewers before suitable replacements can be found.

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