Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time To welcome Back Mighty Ships

Mighty Ships is back for its fourth season with a real winner.
This weekly look at cutting-edge vessels kicks off its new season with a profile of the futuristic 157 metres-long DSV Skanti Arctic.
the Canadian made series salutes the Norwegian ship used in northern oil exploration.
The stakes are truly high stake here --this is a saturation dive support ship supporting diving workers who toil hundreds of meters below the surface.
Because everything that happens in this hour is totally real the tension is very high.
The divers work on repairing sunlen oil machines that dredge the oil from the sea bed.
The men are so fardown that it takes them five days in a compression chamber just to reach the surface after 20 days of underwater exploits.
If anything happens on the ship they are literally sunk. In one hair raising shot smoke is discovered in the ship --if it spreads or turns into a full blown fire the divers will all be lost.
The ship was designed for the utmost safety, comfort and efficiency. We see how every facet works --even the planning and execution of sumptuous divers which is dispatched down an air chute for the men.
If they get injured they may die because it would take five days to get them back up.
We see the usual preparation for the mass dive --one worker has high blood pressure which might impede his health working on the ocean floor. And we see their working on the actual sunken machinery --every rusted bolt spotted must be replaced by hand.
The men use a combination of oxygen and heliox which gives them the voices of chipmunks down under.
And finally near the end of the assignment the ship's captain must face the decision how to face massive waves during a brutal winter storm.
Might Ships is produced by Exploration Production Inc. (EPI) in association with Discovery Channel Canada and the series remains a winner.
Next week there's a profile of the USCGC Bertholf, the first of eight Legend Class ships buil;t for the U.S. Coast Guard.
MIGHTY SHIPS returns to Discovery Canada Wed. Feb. 23 at 8 p.m.
My Rating: *** 1/2.

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