Monday, January 17, 2011

The Golden Globes: Sort Of Fun, I Guess

I have to admit it. But don't let it get around.
I did watch The Golden Globes Sunday night.
Well, not all of the slow moving awards which went on for three solid hours.
I dozed a bit, read a book, did the laundry.
And I watched. Parts.
I never take awards shows seriously and neither should you.
Remember Luise Rainer won two Academy Awards --that's two more than non-winners Edward G. Robinson (never nominated), Irene Dunne, Myrna Loy and even Greta Garbo.
The Golden Globes must live down doling out awards to the likes of Pia Zadora and Esther Williams.
And this year such critical stinkers as The Tourist and Burlesque were actually up for honors.
But I watched for the stars. We get to see them up close and personal, all decked out in finery and recent face lifts, a couple of drinks under their belts.
At the Oscars they're hidden in the darkness of a gigantic auditorium. At the Globes they're at tables,instantly more accessible.
Some of the presenters including Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry looked properly glamourous. Others like Helen Mirren were not dressed properly.
Michael Douglas got a warm reception after a long battle with throat cancer. Bobby DeNiro got a lifetime achievement thing --has he really made 70 movies?
Zac Efron was there with his new haircut but who was that gal pal with him. I couldn't quite see.
Some of the oldsters like Warren Beatty looked like they wished they were elsewhere.
Angelina Jolie was caught applying lip gloss.
The Social Network ran all over The King's Speech although King's Speech star Colin Firth deservedly won as best actor.
Glee picked up awards and Laura Linney wasn't there to get her award --was she working or what?
Ricky Gervaise was funny as the host for a bit.
It was fun of a kind but so very overlong. It could all be boiled down to a two minute clip on You Tube. It probably has been by now.

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