Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Can Rookie Blue Make It?

The first U.S. ratings are in for Rookie Blue, Global's new Canadian police series that's closely patterned after Grey's Anatomy.
And the verdict?
Well, Rookie Blue on ABC got a rating of 2.0 which translates as 7.25 million viewers. By contrast ABC's Wipeout at 8 had 7.79 million so Rookie Blue did not keep all of the audience.
But at 10 another new ABC series, the documentary show Boston Med, premiered with 5.1 million.
Rookie Blue won its timeslot but NBC's the Office and CBS's CSI were both repeats. However, Fox's So you Think You Can Dance was new but only hit 6.35 million.
On Global the rating was an astonishing 1.8 million making it number one for the night.
But Canadian ratings do not count when it comes to decide Rookie Blue's fate.
If it crashes in the U.S. then it most certainly will not be around for a second season on Canadian TV.
Remember that Global had the high flying Falcon Beach just a few seasons back and when it lost its U.S. pickup it was quickly cancelled up here.
Rookie Blue has to keep building its American ratings over the next few months or it's toast.

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