Thursday, February 5, 2009

Name Your Favorite TV Shows, Please!

At a swell cocktail party I went around the room asking people what new series they made a habit of never missing.
First up I'll give my own season faves. I'm back to watching Private Practice because this once predictable medical series is finally finding its own style. By contrast Gray's Anatomy from the same production team is failing fast. I also watch CSI when I can remember to tune in. But I've almost given up on any of the Law & Order franchises. Canadian content: I was a devotee of RCAF until CBC pulled the plug, a mistake the publically funded web will regret. And it's strange but since CTV announced this would be the last for Corner Gas I haven't wanted to watch. Guilty pleasures include 90210 because it's so very over the top.
A svelte female executive named CSI, Law & Order, Mad Men and The Border (a Canadian entry!).
Another executive (male) said Hockey Night In Canada was must see TV. And he regretted CBS lacked funds to buy Blue Jays baseball. "And I hear curling is gone from CBC," he said said with a slight sob.
A much younger type --early twenties I would guess--mentioned The Hills, Bromance, the daily MTV talk thing, and surprisingly enough The View.
A dear old thing --mid-seventies-- asked what had happened to Masterpiece Theater this season. She positively hated the sleek British intelligence series that opened the season. Asked to name a Canadian fave, she blurted out "The National!"
A university lecturer said she waited until a series came out on DVD. Then she would rent a boxed set for the weekend and watch all the episodes without commercial interruptions on her huge flat screen.
So give me your imput. What series are you watching this season?

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